Who we are

We are a family business with 10 hectares of vineyards at the foot of the Alban Hills volcano, set up in 1988 by Anacleto and his wife Giorgia, together with their children Claudia and Emiliano.

Our attachment and love for the land stems from the family tradition which Anacleto inherited from his father Sebastiano, a winemaker.

Emiliano’s passion for wine propelled the family to the production of these wines, which are made adhering to the principles that have always underlined the family’s relationship with the land: Respect for the environment and enhancement of its features.

What we do

We grow our grapes with respect for the vines and the soil.

Our first two wines are produced from carefully selected grapes of Lazio’s indigenous Grechetto and Malvasia puntinata varities: Cleto and Libente.



Careful pruning guides the plant to its natural balance by limiting production and contributing to improving the quality of the grapes, together with the other respectful cultivation methods.



Our adventure is born from the desire to help elevate the stance of a territory so rich in potential deriving from the volcanic subsoil: the enhancement of the territory is our main intent, our philosophy.



The wine production process is currently taking place at the Damiano Ciolli winery, under the precious and careful supervision of the enologist Letizia Rocchi.
In 2017, c. 2700 bottles of Cleto and c. 2600 of Libente were produced.


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